The Best Lodgings In All Of Broome

Broome is a popular vacation spot in Australia that offers scenic beaches, great attractions and much more, but if you really want to make the most out of your stay in Broome then you will need to find some decent lodgings. When travelling, having a comfortable place to retire to after a long day of going about is very important, Broome has plenty of resorts where one can book a stay, but when it comes to location and comfort, Broome Time Accommodation is the best option out there. This beach side resort has been around for a really long time now and is popular for providing a wholesome lodging experience that allows one to enjoy Broome to its fullest.

This establishment is situated one a few kilometers away from Cable beach; a beautiful 22 km long stretch of sandy beach that touches the Indian Ocean, it is a great place to enjoy the sunset or for riding on camels. To the east of Broome-Time lies Broome’s old China Town, along with a variety of other attractions, all of which are incredibly easy to access from where this resort stands. The resort itself is gorgeous, its 58 self-contained rooms are surrounded by gardens that are perfect for BBQs and hanging out, there is also an art gallery within the resort where one can go to view local artwork.

21 of the 58 rooms there have undergone extensive renovation just recently, these rooms offer DVD players, flat screen TVs and more comfort as well, but this does not mean that the rest of their rooms are mediocre or not worth booking, quality and hospitality is something that Broome-Time has become a veteran at providing. In order to learn about bookings and more, take a look at their website.