Types of Bicycle Helmets

Cycling is a great hobby and a great sport or work out too. This is an easy and fun way to stay in shape and it will have you active and energetic in no time once you start going cycling regularly. The best thing about cycling as an exercise is the fact that it hardly feels like an exercise at all. All it feels like is a bit of fun but in that process you end up getting a bit of a workout as well. You can start cycling alone or join a cycling group and just cycle with them.

Now for those of you who do cycle, you will know just how important it is to really have the right type of safety gear and protection. The proper shoes and padding for your elbows and for your knees are very important. However, the most basic yet most important part of your safety gear is and always will be your bike helmet. Now depending on what type of terrain you like to ride on you will have to choose between a mountain bike helmet and a road bike helmet. As the names for both these helmets are self explanatory we will begin differentiating the two.

Now mountain bike helmets are a little tougher than road bike helmets. The mountain bike helmets are covered from the sides and back and usually have goggles or a visor attached to the helmet so that you do not need additional protective goggles when cycling. They also sometimes come with a light in the back of the helmet for night time riding. Road helmets on the other hand are more aerodynamic and have openings to allow airflow and are lighter compared to mountain bike helmets. To know more about either type of helmet, go online to www.bikersdreamatl.com.